GREAT NEWS! HOLUX products have passed ANT+ Certification!


Base on prospects and needs of ANT+ products, HOLUX started to launch the implementation work of ANT+ standard. After technical and brand review requirements have been met, all the following HOLUX products have successfully passed certification for ANT+ wireless.

HOLUX FunTrek 130 Pro V Certificate 1CX1DV

HOLUX GPSport 260 Pro V Certificate 1C01GJ

HOLUX HRM Chest strap V Certificate 1CS1FF

HOLUX Bike Speed Sensor V Certificate 1CT1F9

HOLUX Bike Cadence Sensor V Certificate 1CT1GB


FunTrek 130 Pro/ GPSprot 260 Pro support ANT+ 2.4G wireless protocol, and bundled with ANT+ heart rate monitor, ANT+ bike cadence sensor, or ANT+ bike speed sensor for training activities or outdoor sports. And the products have a variety of GPS applications that are truly full-function handheld products.


FunTrek 130 Pro: http://www.holux.com/JCore/en/products/products_content.jsp?pno=402

GPSport 260 Pro: http://www.holux.com/JCore/en/products/products_content.jsp?pno=403